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Boston University has the 7th best engineering program in the United States.


eiguo Education student, Michael Z. from Hainan, China, this year 2012 received acceptance letters to six national universities–one being Boston University, where only 11% of applicants will attend. Below is Michael’s personal testimonial about working with Meiguo Education:

[Meiguo Education President] Ms. Prout was my English teacher in my third year of high school. With patience and particular attention, she encouraged me to take a more active role in my education. Ms. Prout made me confident about my own ideas, and showed me my ability to achieve success in life.

Michael Z., Meiguo Education Student

In my senior year, I felt unprepared to confidently finish my college applications. As apposed to my international Chinese friends, who received application help from agencies, I decided to get help from Ms. Prout, because from my experience, she took the time to get to know me and provided me with the best help.

Even after going through what I thought were my few achievements, she still believed that I had the possibilities of getting into the schools of my dreams. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

As we strategized and prepared the application together, my confidence came back and I felt happy for the first time in months. The special thing about working with Ms. Prout was that she did not attempt to make me into a perfect person in my application. Instead, she brought out the best about me and kept the application real and sincere.

My application was truly about me and did not consist of ‘facts’ and ‘statistics’ that had never been accomplished by me, which is what other agencies normally do.

A few months later, I received acceptance letters from Boston University and several other prestigious colleges on both the east and west coast. Meanwhile, some of my friends, who scored much higher than me on their SATs, were not accepted to any good universities and were left with few options.

Even after receiving my acceptance letters, Ms. Prout still pushes me to start preparing my application to transfer to even better colleges and graduate schools. She is a special teacher, who laughs with me, helps me think, and keeps pushing me. She encourages me to reach the altitude which now I believe I can reach.”