Meiguo Education has a proven record of each student's success

and helping them get excited about their futures.


Michael Z., 18
Hainan, China

Students who use Meiguo Education are accepted into top national universities.

“Ms. Prout was my English teacher my third year of high school. With patience and particular attention, she encouraged me to take a more active role in my education. Ms. Prout made me confident about my own ideas and showed me my ability to achieve success in life. In my senior year, I felt unprepared to confidently finish my college applications. Different from my international Chinese friends, who received application help from agencies, I decided to get help from Ms. Prout, because from my experience, she took the time to get to know me and provided me with the best help. My application was truly about me and did not consist of “facts” and “statistics” that had never been accomplished by me, which is what other agencies normally do. A few months later, I received acceptance letters from Boston University and several other prestigious colleges on both the east and west coast. Ms. Prout is a special teacher, who laughs with me, helps me think, and keeps pushing me. She helps and encourages me to reach the altitude, which now I believe I can reach.” Read Michael’s Entire Success Story →

May X., 16
Tianjin, China
Meiguo Education helps students with their writing.

“It was my pleasure to meet Miss Prout. Many times she has been there when I really needed help. She helped me so much with my writing and gave me many new ideas and lessons. She is such a loving and caring young teacher that is also very energetic. She loves thinking and helping. I am really thankful that I met her and have her as a friend and important teacher in my life.”

Joyce Y., 19
Shandong, China

With Meiguo Education, students are motivated to overcome obstacles.

“I am very honored to have Miss Prout as my teacher and friend. She inspired and challenged our classes by constantly coming up with innovative ways to engage us. All of her classes were the most fun and productive for me. As a friend, she motivates me to do things that I love to do despite the obstacles along the way. It was with her help and encouragement that I started a Health and Environment Club at my high school. As the club’s adviser, she was diligent and active when it came to organizing activities. As I am now in college, Miss Prout still answers my questions and helps me make difficult decisions. She is the best thing that happened to me in my American high school life!”

Mandy C., 17
Guangdong, China

Meiguo Education Counselors patiently help and encourage students.

“I really enjoyed my time with Miss Prout. As an International student from China, it was not easy to handle my assignments by myself. Last year, I was in Miss Prout’s English 11 class. I really wanted to improve my English writing skills, so I asked her to help me out. She spent three hours with me after school. She was the only one that really helped me improve. As a teacher, Miss Prout is very responsible. Also, I was so impressed with what Miss Prout told us about college. She gave us lots of helpful information. I am now a senior this year, and because of what Miss Prout told me, I feel more confident about applying to college. Thank you for what you did for me!”

Tom G., 16
Beijing, China
Actual American high school teachers are Meiguo Education counselors—not people from random agencies.

“Miss Veronica Prout is a special English teacher. During my Freshmen year of high school, she made me feel special in her class. She would challenge me and help me achieve higher goals than I originally had for myself. She is also very good at bringing the class together and helping the international students by uniting the class as a whole.”

Jeff S., 18
Beijing, China
Meiguo Education helps students study effectively.

“If I ever made a list of “The Best School Teachers I Ever Had”, Miss Prout would be at the top. She was the one who not only taught me how to write an essay, but after I took her class, I enjoyed writing for myself. After finishing my work, she would take the time to fix my problems until I got it perfect. Not only did she help me with my English, but more importantly, she taught me how to study effectively. She is now one of my best friends.”

Tabitha B., 17
El Monte, California
Meiguo Education sees students each as individuals with the opportunity for future success.

“When Veronica was my teacher, she always encouraged me to achieve. She is the only teacher I have ever had that has shown a genuine concern for my future. She really helped me out with my search for the perfect college and she helped me overcome a lot of obstacles. Veronica was always there for me when I needed help with school or when I just needed someone to talk to. She didn’t see me as just a student; she saw me as an individual. And for that, I am forever grateful.”

Angelica with a group for her American friends at a Los Angeles beach.

Brian, an American, is a former student of Meiguo Education.

Angelica P., 17
La Puente, California
Students like Meiguo Education because it gives them confidence in their future.

“Never have I met a teacher in such pursuit of learning as Miss Veronica Prout, my eleventh grade English teacher. She allowed learning to guide her classroom and never missed an opportunity to challenge students. Her dedication was shown as she prepared students for their college careers and spent endless hours beyond the school day commenting and editing our essays. As a student in her class, I not only improved my writing skills but learned to be motivated by knowledge versus grades. I consider it an honor to have been taught, instructed, advised, and cared for by such a strong and passionate woman.”

Brian C., 17
East Los Angeles, California
Meiguo Education helps students become passionate about their lives.

“I am glad that Miss Prout and I have been able to cross paths. She has helped me with my academic growth as a high school student. She helped me find passion in life. Thank you Miss Prout!”