Meiguo Education helps high school students

Reach their greatest potential.

About Meiguo Education

To ensure high school students are accepted into the best U.S. universities possible.

Meiguo Education is a student’s one stop to prepare for college. From the moment our students arrive in America, we have a plan to help them build the strongest college application possible. With a team of counselors made up of Top 50 university graduates, who know what it takes to get into the best U.S. universities, our students are given top advice about not only the best opportunities America has to offer, but also how to achieve their dreams.

To take care of all aspects of international high school education in the United States.

Our services are unique because we treat students as special individuals—each having gifts and talents worth contributing to the world. We take particular attention to ensure proper homestay care, health insurance, and college information are available to students and intercede on their behalf when needed. We also begin preparing students for their college applications the first year they arrive by connecting them to internships, community service organizations, and other extra-curricular activities to ensure they build a strong application.